Monday, April 23, 2018

Tea Bags in the Garden

The bags decompose: Did you know that most British tea bags are made from a relative of the banana? Manila hemp is made from the fiber of abaca leaf stalks. The bag itself will break down and the very little plastic they use to seal the tea bags virtually disappears within six months

Tea adds nutrients to the soil: Tea leaves contain tannic acid and nutrients that are natural fertilizers for a garden. As the tea leaves decompose, they release nutrients into the soil, creating a healthier growing environment

Tea bags keep pests at bay: Used tea bags (and coffee grounds) will help keep bugs away from your plants. The odor deters pests from chewing on your flowers and veggies. 

The smell of tea works on cats too: Sprinkle coffee grounds or used tea grounds around your garden to keep Fluffy from urinating on your favorite plants. You can do use this with indoor plants as well.

Tea bags do wonders for the garden. They enrich the soil by increasing nitrogen levels, and also give earthworms (fertilizers) something yummy to eat.  Just be sure to remove the tags first. They take a long time to break down and might be plastic coated.

Your tea bags can grow a garden: Believe it or not, you can grow your own garden with used tea bags, seeds, a plastic tray, water and a paper towel. You'll germinate your seeds with the tea bags and then plant them in the garden,

You will need:

21 used tea bags
A paper towel
A small plastic tray
Seeds. Try pansies, lettuce, broccoli or marigolds.

What to do

Fold the paper towel, put it in the tray and wet it.
Soak the used tea bags and pack them together like pillows in three rows on the paper towel.
Make a hole in each bag and poke in a seed.
Put the tray in a warm place out of the sun. Take care to keep the paper towel wet. It will keep the tea bags moist. This is VERY IMPORTANT.
When the seeds germinate and the seedlings are about 2 cm tall, plant them in their bags in the garden.

Tea increases the decomposition of other items: If you use tea bags in your soil or compost pile, the acid in the tea can speed up the decomposition process of other things in the compost bin, which means you can use the compost faster.

Worms eat the tea leaves: Worms can safely consume tea leaves. Once they digest the leaves, they produce a more "nutrient-rich fertilizer output," making your soil healthier for growing plants.

Water retention: Bury your tea bags near the root of your plants, flowers and veggies to help the plants retain more water and stay healthier.

Tea bags help keep weeds at bay: When you bury your tea bags in the garden, they can help impede the growth of weeds


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