Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Planting Gardens Based on the Astrological Calendar

Plant gardens based on the Astrological Calendar and the results will be incredible (twice the yield). This is how ancient civilizations learned to survive. They could free up massive amounts of labour from producing food into many other trades so their civilization could grow and flourish.

Lunar cycles and Equinoxes are more important than the solstices. 

You want to do your transplants and trimmings on the Equinoxes. 

When planting seed you go by the lunar cycles. You plant your root crops on the quarter moon as the magnetic pull of the earth germinates the seed downward and moisture with it. 

On Full and New moons you plant your crops that grow out of the ground. The magnetic phase of the moon will cause the seed to germinate out of soil quicker as it pulls moisture to the surface. 

The reason why the egg is associated with Easter is because that holiday falls just after the Vernal Equinox(12hrs sunlight/12 hrs moonlight). When a chicken receives 12hrs of sunlight it begins to lay eggs. 

The roosters job is to wake up 20-30min before dawn and wake up the flock of chickens so they receive the most amount of sunlight and ensure maximum egg production. The yoke of the egg is also representative of the sun which is why it has been tied to Easter.